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#studierbier – Braustudium 4.0 an der TUM

Wissenschaft für die Praxis von Heute und Morgen

12.11.2020 13:30:00 – 12.11.2020 13:45:00

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Wissenschaft für die Praxis von Heute und Morgen

Sprache: Deutsch

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With the mission "Science for the practice of today and tomorrow" we want to conduct research and development at the highest level and educate students with the ambition of a university of excellence. Both aspects cannot be separated and are mutually dependent on each other.
The aim of the research work at the chair is to identify and understand the basic mechanisms involved in the processing of beer and beverages as well as bakery and cereal products in order to be able to craft on knowledge as basis. We are driven by the desire to not only understand the systems in principle, but also to derive and/or optimize processes and product properties from them with a high degree of innovation.
In doing so, we think beyond food systems; in particular, our methodological work should also enrich other disciplines, such as tissue engineering, materials research or automation (e.g. Industry 4.0).

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