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Green kegs, logo and slogan
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Ecodraft reusable kegs that fill your needs and save our environment.

Reusable kegs with a replaceable 2-bag system. We prevent on rinsing operations, with 80% less waste vs One-Ways and best shelf life on tap!

11/10/2020 4:30:00 PM – 11/10/2020 5:00:00 PM

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Green kegs, logo and slogan
  • Solutions in practice
  • Exhibition Stage

Reusable kegs with a replaceable 2-bag system. We prevent on rinsing operations, with 80% less waste vs One-Ways and best shelf life on tap!

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Action description

Ecodraft, the greenest kegs on earth!

Ecodraft offers reusable kegs with the best shelf life & taste preservation on tap. With their low price per fill model, they are a great alternative for one-ways and less time-consuming as for stainless steel kegs while there are no rinsing operations.

What is special about our reusable keg?
Ecodraft works with a replaceable double bag technology, separating the CO2 pressure completely from your beverage on tap. We have the solution for breweries that want to reduce on water, chemicals, CO2, waste and cost per fill. We are the keg of the future, with 15 bar pressure resistance and with integrated NFC & RFID tag for easy tracking.

1. Your beer as intended by the brewer
Our double bag system separates the CO2 pressure medium completely during drafting. Benefit from our 4 months shelf life on tap and preserve the fresh taste even 4 times longer than a one-way or stainless-steel keg. With our 100% food grade bags, you will reduce the risks of bacteria entering your beer. Let Ecodraft protect your beer to the fullest and enjoy brewing!

2. Unbeatable price per fill due to our unique reusable concept
Boost your overall margin up to 10% and save up to 30% on packaging costs vs one-way solutions. Our cost per fill is simple: the more you fill, the lower your cost will be – with 10 year keg warranty. All our kegs have an ID-tag by which you can easily track & manage your keg pool with I-Spaniel keg software and gain even more profit out of each keg.

3. Best eco-friendly keg
Our innovation helps the environment and has also been awarded during BrauBeviale 2019 where we have received the recognition of Best Environmentally Friendly Packaging while it brings many solutions forward for breweries:

- Eco-friendly brand: 80% less waste vs One-Ways. Our kegs work with a double-bag system which has a maximum weight of +/- 0,300 kg (30L).

- CO2 reduction during delivery: we can stack 504 fillings per pallet vs 48 one-ways. Calculate the cost together with us and see how much you will save with Ecodraft.

- No more rinsing operations: Ecodraft has stopped the consumption of water & chemicals for new sterile (food grade) fillings.

4. Rental or self-owned kegs
Choose what fits best for your brewery! You can either buy or rent our kegs without any hidden fees. You can even switch to self-owned kegs anytime you want with 10% reduction per year you rented (max 50% after 5 years).

Breweries can opt for a rental contract by which they don’t have an upfront investment. Only pay-per-fill and start filling those Ecodraft kegs with i-Spaniel keg software. Or choose our cheapest price per fill by investing in Ecodraft reusable kegs with a 10-year warranty agreement.

The extras you get with Ecodraft:
1. Many filling possibilities: manual, semi-, full-automatic or existing filling lines.
2. Increased efficiency: easy stacking, no rinsing operations, less logistics, easy keg tracking
3. Reduced CO2 on transport: we can stack 504 fills per pallet
4. Suitable for every business: for different types of beverages
5. 1 keg with multiple coupler options, ideal for export (Global Pool System)
6. Unique tracking solution: i-Spaniel will make your life easier with more profit per keg

A keg for different kind of beverages
Ecodraft kegs only for beer? That is not the case! They were initially created for beer packaging but in the meantime our reusable kegs have become suitable for different kind of beverages such as wine, cocktails, cold coffee, kombucha and beer.

What about transportation?
We are building a community of breweries that want to exchange Ecodraft kegs for export (one-way transport). This unique global pool system is possible thanks to our unique keg design with exchangeable spears with
different couplers. Example: Send Ecodraft filled kegs from Europe to the US (D-coupler) and have the same kegs sent back by a US brewery with EU Sankey.

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