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Live at the regular's table with VEGA: Simple measurement tips for the brewing industry

VEGA invites you to the expert get-together: "Live", simple measurement technology tips are served with the perfect beer.

11/11/2020 4:30:00 PM – 11/11/2020 5:00:00 PM

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Hand on tap of a tapping plant
  • Solutions in practice
  • Exhibition Stage

VEGA invites you to the expert get-together: "Live", simple measurement technology tips are served with the perfect beer.

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Action description

"When we ask ourselves how level or pressure measurement should work in today's brewing process, it quickly becomes clear a manufacturer does not want to get involved with countless different technologies," Joachim Schmalz, application engineer at VEGA, is convinced. After all, only a fraction of the applications in the food industry place exceptionally high demands on sensor systems. For those demanding applications, VEGA has been known for 60 years for its robust design, temperature and overload resistance and more. The company's sensors guarantee a long life cycle, faster reaction times and optimal drift behaviour.

Everyday challenges

Eighty percent of food and beverage processes are about standards: optimized hygiene, particularly versatile applications, future-proof communication as well as an easy integration and operation.
In order to show the typical challenges pressure or level sensors are confronted with in everyday brewery life, VEGA industry experts Andreas Grandel and Joachim Schmalz, together with the Alpirsbacher Brewery, have now invited experts to a regular get-together. While Richard Weigold and Jürgen Wöhrle contributed the brewing know-how and lots of hearty Alpirsbacher raftsman's beer, their VEGA colleagues brought up the technology: Measurement technology solutions for all the typical process steps of a master brewer.

Applications that cause the most problems in typical processes

It is the typical applications that cause the most problems in everyday life. "We will be demonstrating live how VEGAPULS, VEGABAR and VEGAPOINT master not only liquids, but also high temperatures, pressure or condensate and steam," says Grandel.

The aim of the live show is to experience the advantages of the new VEGA sensor families that are specially tailored to food. With its newest generation of sensors, the manufacturer wants to establish itself as a full supplier of level and pressure measurement technology. For the customers, this brings a uniform standard to all areas of application: From highly complex to standard. Integration, communication and operation work the same as the "top range,” and customers' warehousing and costs can be noticeably reduced.

Focus on hygiene

This is made possible, as the video will show, by the hygiene-compliant adapter system, which is designed for VEGABAR pressure sensors and VEGAPOINT point level switches. Sensors can be selected and then easily adapted to the requirements on site and, if necessary, replaced very quickly. All of these new instruments can withstand intensive SIP and CIP processes, and, because of their hygienic design and surface finish, they comply with all industry standards and approvals.

Bright and shiny advantage: 360° switching status display
"Visibility means safety, because sensors are often used in large or unoccupied areas". To ensure that the process status can always be recognized close to the instrument and from far away at a glance, the development of the new VEGABAR and VEGAPOINT focused on simple handling - with the associated fast readability. With the illuminated all-round display, it is immediately visible whether the measuring process is running or switching. And the application becomes a bit more reliable. "Until just a few years ago, the shaking screen on the third floor of the Alpirsbacher Brewery regularly clogged "our entire pipe system". But today Richard Weigold is satisfied: "With the new illuminated display of VEGA sensors, we realize much earlier where the shoe pinches". Clogged pipes have been a thing of the past at Alpirsbacher ever since.

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