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Abwasser König - Consulting waste water treatment from the Food and Beverage industry


  • 10.1 Consulting
  • 02.2 Machinery and installations for water treatment
  • 07.4 Environmental engineering
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Am Wiesengrund 20
91732 Merkendorf

About us

The focus of the engineering offices, Abwasser König is the treatment of commercial and in-dustrial waste water from the Food- and Beverage-Industry.

As consultant Abwasser König provides economically adapted solutions, independent of man-ufacturer interest. The goal are simple solutions, adapted to local conditions, that can be im-plemented (as far as possible) with local companies.

Technologies / Research Focus
anaerobic-waste water technology
aerobic-waste water technology
fixed-film reactors
process upgrade
sludge treatment

Engineering and consulting steps

Basic evaluation:
Creation of water and wastewater balance
Evaluation of wastewater quantity and quality (pollution load)
Expertise on consumed water, which is not discharged to the sewer (water in products or vapours)
Advice on regulatory requirements for waste water disposal
Inventory of the existing waste water treatment plants

Water use and conservation:
Optimization of water use (water management)
Minimizing losses of raw materials and products
Reducing COD loads of effluents

Cycle management and multiple use of water
Industrial wastewater and process water treatment
Concept development for the rehabilitation and performance improvement of sewage treat-ment plants
Alternative processes for new industrial wastewater treatment
technical and economic comparison of alternatives for wastewater treatment
Project request, bid evaluation, award preparation for waste water projects
Project supervision, commissioning, acceptance

General sewage services:
Advice on calculation of the wastewater taxes and surcharges for high strength industrial wastewater
Negotiation and regulation of the discharge limits
Supervision of the sewage plant operation
Process review, functional and operational controls
Emergency measures in case of operational malfunctions of sewage plants

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