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multibrau plus® is a process control system specially small and medium-sized breweries


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About us

multibrau plus® – an ATN GmbH product – is a process control system specially developed for small and medium-sized breweries. Various reputable reference projects are the best evidence that multibrau plus® was able to establish itself successfully in the brewing industry. The motto of multibrau plus® is: „Easy handling! The brewer shall have the possibility to do as much as possible on his/her own“. This flexibility in each process step is a huge advantage of multibrau plus® which is suitable for both an upgrade of an existing brewery and a new brewery. multibrau plus® is a process control system for the entire brewery – one highlight is the tracking function. If desired, multibrau plus® operates and manages the entire brew process from malt-intake to fermenting and storage cellar, as well as relating CIP systems and many other processes. Extraordinary and easy to handle at the same time that is why already various breweries rely on multibrau plus® which will be customized for each brewery.

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