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Fruit wines




Many years of experience go into each of the Austria Juice fruit wine products. Since 1982, we have been guaranteeing high standards and thus transforming customer wishes into individual enjoyment. As a top priority, the fruit wines are produced throughout the year just in time, exactly coordinated with the processes of the wineries, cider producers, breweries, vinegar producers as well as GFGH & LEH. Through targeted fermentation of selected raw materials and the final refinement by experts, we obtain excellent products from which tailor-made solutions and multi-faceted fruit wine concepts are created. Be it a refreshing cider, an exotic cocktail or a spicy tasting mulled wine. The fruit wines are delivered as ready-to-fill products as well as standardized base wines for own beverage creations or for the production of vinegar. In this business area, the customer can also fall back on a "full service" package, in which everything is offered from the product idea to the choice of raw materials, recipe, filling and logistics, in order to realize the customer's desired product, from classic berry wine to sparkling fruit seccos and ciders to fruit wine cocktails and mulled wines.

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