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The most famous spirits are born from our stills. From today also the best beer.Yours.


  • 02.1 Machinery and installations for the production and processing of malt and raw fruit
  • 02.3 Machinery and installations for beer production
  • 02.4 Machinery and installations for the production of nonalcoholic beverages and liquid dairy products
  • 02.5 Machinery and installations for the production of wine, sparkling wine and spirits
  • 02.7 Heat exchangers and heat treatment systems
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Via Vienna 14, 16, 50 settore D
38121 Spini di Gardolo (TRENTO)

About us

The Barison industry history can be summed up as an all-italian entrepreneurship. In 1965 Angelo Barison began the production of stainless steel containers for the wine and chemical sector. In the following years the specialization focused on the design and production of spirits distillation and beer production-system, through the use of increasingly innovative technologies.
After almost 60 years of activity, we believe we have currently reached a high level of business organization, that is absolutely competitive on the international market. We export solutions for winemaking, beer, distillation, food and beverage industries worldwide. The market today describes us as an established and reliable company, which knows how to combine high technology with an artisan approach and that, despite its size, does not lose its values and beliefs which have made it unique since it was founded, the love for its creations, the passion for research and the human relationship with its clients. We can create high-tech solutions, totally customized and unique, true works of art. Yet, even more so, we know how to create a sincere and lasting bond with our clients who do not define us as suppliers but as PARTNER. Always dedicated to research and technological innovation, Barison industry’s plants are installed today all over the world, they are remotely controlled and are certified according to the most stringent antiseismic and safety regulations. They are the result of a custom-made design and tailor-made creations: the dimensions, characteristics and functionality of our plants are completely customizable, to meet the needs both of small and large businesses. Our philosophy is well summarized by the sentence CRAFT YOUR PASSION: create the tools with which each client can create and express its own passion, turning an idea into a product of excellence.

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