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Bohemia Hop a.s.

Czech hop trading company offering Czech hops

Mostecka 2580
43801 Zatec
Czech Republic

About us

The Bohemia Hop company is the bearer of the Czech hop growing tradition. Growing and trading hops in the Czech Republic has been known worldwide for many centuries. Major shareholder of Bohemia Hop is Chmelarstvi, cooperative Zatec which is an organisation with the longest tradition in the hop-growing industry in the Czech Republic. Chmelarstvi is comprising majority of Czech hop-growers in the Czech Republic.
We purchase hops from growers and sell the processed hops to domestic as well as foreign customers. Besides main variety Saaz we can also offer other Czech varieties including Sladek, Premiant, Kazbek, Saaz Late or Agnus. All hops are stored in air-conditioned warehouses, which ensure their constant quality.
We participate in the development of new hop varieties, cooperates on projects in the field of development of new technologies for growing and harvesting hops. We also organize professional seminars and tastings focused on the use of Czech varieties in brewing.
Our strategy for the future is a continual improvement of services to all our business partners and ensuring the stability and high appreciation of SAAZ hops and another varieties in the domestic and foreign hop markets.
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