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Cadalpe designs beverage processing machines that cover all aspects of production

Via Cesare Battisti 87
31028 Vazzola (TV)

About us

Cadalpe has developed a long and wide 40-year experience in the field of production of machines dedicated to wine and distillation, which adds the brewery equipment in the last decade.
Cadalpe’s production is characterized by avant-garde technologies. We offer equipment with innovative solutions and high technology content. An high specialization in the processing of stainless steels guarantees a very good finish level and an impeccable aesthetic presentation. It follows a good running, resistance, life and the least maintenance. Our production includes: Cross-flow filters,
Kieselguhr filters with horizontal plates, Sheet filters with 40x40 cm plates, Single-chamber rotary vacuum filters, Heat exchangers of tubular nest type, or with scraped body, Helicoid one-tube, Cooling units for water or glycol solution, Cooling units with scraped bodies evaporator, Plate heat exchangers, Portable sulphur-dioxide dosers, Discontinuous and Continuous Flotation units for musts cleaning with or without adding chemical products, Continuous tartaric stabilization plants,Resin Stabilization System, Dissolving mixing units for sugar, clarifiers, additives, Grape pomace continuous dealcoholizers, Columns for continuous distillation, Discontinuous distillation plants, Vacuum concentrators with one, two or more stages, Heat pump concentrators, Desulphurizers, Pressure tanks for sparkling wines, Stainless steel tanks and fermenters, Brewery equipments.

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