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Centec GmbH

Fully automated, skid-mounted process units and high precision measurement technology.

Wilhelm-Röntgen-Straße 10
63477 Frankfurt-Maintal

About us

Centec provide fully automated skid-mounted process units and high precision measurement devices from a single source. To suit our customers’ needs, Centec systems are customized to the greatest extent possible. They are used in brewery and beverage industries throughout the entire manufacturing process. We are a leading supplier of technologies for water purification and for water deaeration. Centec stand for comprehensive expertise in the cold process area of the brewery. We have decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of process skids for the following applications:

- Water Pre-Treatment
- Water Softening
- Water Disinfection
- Reverse Osmosis
- Column Water Deaeration
- Membrane Water Deaeration
- Product Deaeration
- Cold Block Engineering & Automation
- Hops Pre-Isomerization
- Wort Cooling
- Wort Aeration
- Yeast Pitching
- Yeast Propagation (Yeast Management)
- Carbonation & Nitrogenation
- High Gravity Blending
- Carboblending
- Multi Component Mixing
- Additive Dosing Pasteurization
- Product Sterile Filtration
- Dealcoholization
- Cleaning-in-Place (CIP)

Centec sensors are applied in laboratory and process environments as stand-alone devices or as part of a process control system. They ensure that products are produced to consistently high standards, and that processes run with optimized efficiency, to consume the least amounts of energy and raw materials. Using the most accurate Centec sensor technology for our process systems, we are able to provide solutions of superior reliability and precision. Our high precision instruments are used to measure:

- Oxygen in liquids and gases
- Carbon dioxide in liquids
- Concentrations such as extract, °Brix, °Plato, alcohol

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