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About us

Ecodraft develops a great alternative for stainless steel kegs and One-Ways. We have listened to the market demands and have been focusing on the technical and commercial advantages that were still missing in the keg industry. We offer a reusable HDPE keg with a replaceable double bag system for beer, wine and other (non-) carbonated beverages. Thanks to our lightweight, reduced diameter and solid robust handles, our kegs are very ergonomic and easy to handle. Choose between our 10L, 18L and 30L reusable kegs and use the coupler, customized for your end-consumer. Our kegs work with industry standard couplers which can be easily connected to existing filling lines and tapping installations. Our replaceable double bag separates the CO2 pressure on tap to ensure the best shelf life experience. Nowadays, consumers are experiencing many different flavors by which fresh taste stays priority when choosing a drink on tap. With Ecodraft, you won't have oversaturation nor sediment - only the fresh taste that you want to offer. Choose Ecodraft and your beer will be as intended it to be. We guarantee the best shelf life and taste preservation with 4m on tap and 12m in keg. Thanks to our unique reusable concept, your cost per fill can be up to 30% lower than a one-way. We are the best eco-friendly keg with 80% less waste vs one-ways and without time-consuming rinsing operations. Moreover, there is no need to invest in a keg pool while you can decide to rent or buy our reusable kegs with a 10Y warranty agreement. You can even switch from rental to self-owned kegs at any time. The choice is yours! Ecodraft, the greenest keg on the market!

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