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chill it is a patented technology capable of cooling any bottled beverage in just seconds.


  • Heat exchangers and heat treatment systems
  • Environmental engineering
  • Catering equipment and accessories
  • Dispensing systems and vending machines
  • Advertising and Marketing
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5th floor, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Austria 2650
1425 Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

About us

Our company was founded in 2017 with the objective of putting an end to one of the greatest problems in the beverage industry: consumers finding their beverages warm, causing brand switching, or even lost sales. In our quest seeking to solve this problem we found several additional problems, such as "parasitism": the problem of products from other brands being cooled and showcased at the coolers provided by a beverage company. Also we found out that there was a massive waste of energy in the points of sale in order to keep beverages cold. Some of these points of sale have over 10 beverage coolers, and even with that cooling capacity they are not capable of meeting with their demand. Among other problems, we realized that not everyone likes their beverages at the same temperature. Most customers want them at the manufacturer's suggested temperature while others want them colder (even at sub-zero ºc). The temperatures suggested by manufacturer's can vary significantly for every drink. This makes it impossible for actual coolers to deliver every beverage at the right temperature, due to the fact that they cool all of the drinks to the same temperature. To solve all of these issues and even more we created our patented technology: chill it, a unique technology capable of cooling any bottled or canned beverage in a matter of seconds. While our nearest competitors needs more than 8 minutes to cool down a 1lt glass bottle, we just need 70 seconds to cool it down from 25ºC to 3ºc.

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