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FINPAC ITALIA: The Sleeve specialist @ your service!


  • Machinery and installations for beer production
  • Machinery and installations for the production of nonalcoholic beverages and liquid dairy products
  • Machinery and installations for the production of wine, sparkling wine and spirits
  • Labellling
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Via Quattro Novembre, 54
20019 Settimo Milanese

About us

WHAT WE DO In FINPAC ITALIA we design and manufacture linear sleeve applicators with passion. The linear sleeve applicators allow to reach high production speeds and, at the same time, to apply security seals, partial and full body low sleeves. These machines are suitable for various sectors such as the beverage, pharmaceutical, oenological and cosmetic sectors. They are designed for full body and partial sleeve label applications as well as tamper evident security seals. The FINPAC ITALIA sleeve labeling lines are designed to meet the customer's needs and allow a quick format change, reducing downtime between each production change. KNOW-HOW Consolidated knowledge in the field of decoration with plastic films Various solutions to allow you to choose the most appropriate label to decorate your product according to the shape of the container and your needs in terms of costs and environmental requirements. A complete range of turnkey services, from analysis, through tests and samples to identify the best environmentally friendly packaging solution. Finpac offers customers a total solution for the application of shrink sleeves from 6,000 to 72,000 bph

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