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Applicationoptimized UV Systems for municipal and industrial operational range. Chemfree

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About us

Protecting the World’s water without using chemicals we supply UV Disinfection systems for Industrial and Municipal water treatment. Two themes drive our business – “Application Optimised UV” and “We UVCare”. We simply don’t believe in general purpose UV. We believe in optimising our UV solutions so that they deliver proven performance, optimum energy efficiency and have the best fit form and function to fit seamlessly into your system. So, we have branded our products by market sector so that you can easily identify what’s right for you. PharmaLine for Pharmaceuticals SwimLine for Pools & Leisure PureLine for Food & Beverage MarineLine for Marine RASLine for Aquaculture
ProLine for Municipal applications The name tells you it’s optimised for you. Select your industry below to be taken to the range of product that suit you. As a manufacturer of both the UV lamp and the UV system we can truly optimise the whole process. Since more than 90 Years we are specialized in UV-applications and have an own produdction of low and medium pressure lamps. We can offer the benifits of both lampsfor the best result you need. That’s what makes us unique. Food+Beverage Sector PureLine Application Optimised UV for Food and Beverage. PureLine PQ For 3rd party validated systems for critical disinfection or as a pathogen barrier. PureLine D Disinfection as part of a multi barrier approach. PureLine DO Ozone removal and disinfection. PureLine DC+DCD Dechlorination and Chlorine Dioxide removal. PureLine S Sugar syrup disinfection. We know the demands of your production - get in contact.

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