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HUBER Packaging Group GmbH

We are a leading European manufacturer of metal packaging and 5 liter kegs.


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Otto-Meister-Straße 2
74613 Öhringen

About us

Founded in 1871, the family-owned company HUBER Packaging Group GmbH produces tinplate packaging for paints and coatings, for chemical products and for food. In the BEVERAGE sector, HUBER specializes in the production of 5 liter party kegs made of tinplate and is the world market leader in this market segment. Blown plastic packaging is produced at the Aesch site in Switzerland. The group's headquarters are located in Öhringen in Baden-Württemberg. HUBER employs committed and expert staff at six locations in Germany, Austria, Hungary, England and Switzerland. https://minikeg.blog | https://www.fassforfun.de

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