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Manufacturer / Supplier


Producer of machines and devices for the food and beverage industries


  • 02.4 Machinery and installations for the production of nonalcoholic beverages and liquid dairy products
  • 02.6 Filtration and separation technology
  • 02.7 Heat exchangers and heat treatment systems
  • 03.1 Cleaning and inspection systems for kegs, barrels and other beverage containers
  • 03.3 Filling and packaging systems for beverage containers
  • 02.1 Machinery and installations for the production and processing of malt and raw fruit
  • 02.3 Machinery and installations for beer production
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Hromadky z Jistebnice 1725
58301 Chotebor
Czech Republic

About us

We are purely family business established in 1992. Our main advantage is quality focused production. We use hi-tech, creativity, operability and continuous improvement to keep us on the high quality standards. Our production is focused on designing and manufacturing of machines and devices for beverage and food industry, however our machines might be used also in other industries such as chemical, cosmetics, furniture and others.

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