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L.A.S.I. s.r.l. Lavorazione Acciai Speciali Inossidabili

LASI, company of international importance in the design of automatic brewhouses and tanks


  • 02.5 Machinery and installations for the production of wine, sparkling wine and spirits
  • 02.3 Machinery and installations for beer production
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Via delle Industrie II 43
30020 Meolo

About us

The LASI GROUP, founded in 1980 and owned by the Crosato family, is at the international top in the design of new technologies for the beer sector. The LASI group invests every year in research and development, with over 150 employees and an average annual turnover of 25 million euros, is able to design, build and install complex systems of absolute quality all over the world. The Group is compose: Leader group LASI srlNOFORM srl department of Architecture and design. LASIFRANCE sarl company that manage French market.For the Beer sector, LASI customized designs and manufactures: • Automatic brewhouses 2,3,4, vessels from 5 to 200 hl (Mashing - Lautering - Bolling/ Whirpool) • Semiautomatic Brewhouses capacity from 10 to 100 hl (Mashing - Lautering - Bolling/ Whirpool) • Manual brewhouses 2 or 3 vessels capacity from 2,5 to 20 hl (Mashing - Lautering - Bolling/ Whirpool, ) • Semiautomatic Pilot 2,3,4 vessels from 100 l to 250 l (Mashing - Lautering - Bolling/ Whirpool tank H2O) • Fermenter CCT Tanks (PED certificate)• Fermenter BBT Tanks (PED certificate) • Design tanks, capacity from 5 to 5000 hl • Hydraulic plants of thermoregulationREFERENCES: ITALY: BIRRIFICIO BUENA BIRA, IMPIANTO PILOTA SCOLASTICO PER COOPERATIVA SOCIALE DIEFFE, BIRRIFICIO MILANO, BIRRIFICIO LARA, BIRRIFICIO ANTONIANO, BIRRIFICIO PIAN DELLA MUSSA, BIRRA CASTELLO, BIRRIFICIO DI PEDAVENA, BIRRIFICIO DEL DOGE, BIRRIFICIO QUATTRO MORI, BIRRIFICIO MEDITERRANEO, BIRRIFICIO BIRE, BIRRIFICIO SANT’ANDREA. FRANCE: BRASSERIE CORREZIENNE, BRASSERIE DES GARRIGUES, BRASSERIE PERISIENNE, BRASSERIE DU BOUFFAY, BRASSERIE DU VEXIN, BRASSERIE DE LA PLEINE LUNE, BRASSERIE MELUSINE, BRASSERIE EARL LA PREE DES NOUES. BELGIUM: BRASSERIE LES 3 FOURQUETS (LUPULUS), BRASSERIE DUPONT, BRASSERIE BASTOGNE, BRASSERIE DU BOCQ.NORWAY: SCHOUSKJELLER MIKROBRYGGERIAUSTRALIA: NED’S

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