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Linas Šliauteris farm

Products from sea buckthorn berries. Probiotic food supplements, probiotic drinks, etc.


  • Drinks as raw materials
  • Raw materials for the production of non-alcoholic beverages and liquid dairy products
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Statybininku gatve 13
LT-85305 Venta

About us

We're originally a processing company, who prepares raw food materials for further production. We deal with berries, snail meat, mushrooms. Due to having a good local presence, we partnered up with a local sea buckthorn farmer from Lithuania. From a family business, this farmer brought us knowledge about brewing and making health & wellness products from these wonderful berries. Due to us having big commercial grounds, experience in production and a serious team, we're ready to set out and conquer the markets with our functional health products. We produce probiotic food supplement, probiotic drink, juice, tea, jam, etc. In this exhibition we mainly want showcase our probiotics.

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