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LOEHRKE Jürgen Löhrke GmbH

LOEHRKE | Solutions for a cleaner future.


  • Process automation, control and control systems
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Machinery and installations for beer production
  • Machinery and installations for the production of nonalcoholic beverages and liquid dairy products
  • Machinery and installations for the production of wine, sparkling wine and spirits
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Siemser Landstraße 127
23569 Lübeck

About us

LOEHRKE, an internationally established and family owned business based in Lübeck, Germany, is a global partner of thefood and beverage industry and is known for its engineering and turnkey competences in the field of process technology andprocess hygiene.
Through own research and development projects which are carried out in cooperation with industry partners and universities,LOEHRKE has innovative processes at its disposal. Respecitve processes enable to not only meet the increasing hygienerequirements for the future but also further economical and ecological aspects. The international exchange with well-knownindustrial users, plant manufacturers and research institutes are an important part of the company philosophy.
This is not only about the simple installation of cleaning and disinfection systems, it is rather about modern technologiesespecially in the field of process cleaning (CIP/Cleaning-In-Place), chemical-free packaging sterilization and the mosteconomical and latest belt lubrication systems. Together with its customers LOEHRKE thus reduces the consumption ofvaluable resources, such as water, time and energy, while minimizing the consumption of chemicals.

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