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KNOW HOW AND PASSION is what we are!


  • Cleaning and inspection systems for kegs, barrels and other beverage containers
  • Filling and packaging systems for beverage containers
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Via Vivaldi 16-18
42043 Gattatico

About us

Know how & Passion are the two tools that allowed Matrix to became in the years a dynamic company that has as strong point the technological innovation and as final aim the will to satisfy each need of the customers that trusted in this company over the years.
A Know-How that, despite the 30-years experience in the field, drives each day the company to commit the energies of all the Matrix team towards a continuous technological innovation, both in the systems and the process, to offer multifunctional solutions ever more versatile and flexible.
A Passion for our job and our solutions that are developed and implemented thanks to the involvement of the whole Matrix team, whose common aim is the Customer Satisfaction, offering professional and human value at every level and transforming client needs in concrete solutions.

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