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Meura S.A.

Meura is specialist in brewhouse manufacturing and the leader in mash filtration.


  • Filtration and separation technology
  • Machinery and installations for beer production
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Rond-Point J.-B. Meura, 1
7600 Peruwelz

About us

Meura, founded in 1845 and located in Belgium, is specialized in engineering, design and manufacturing of turn key brewhouses always equipped with the legendary Meura 2001 mash filter.
Meura’s customers are located all around the world. Whether it’s for one of the leading brewing groups or for an independent brewer, Meura’s strength is its ability to deliver the most suitable technological and technical solution, from the study of the project to the installation carried out by its own professional team. By investing in research and development and by increasing its market presence, Meura sets the standard for the most prestigious breweries. Today about 25% of the beer enjoyed all over the world is produced with Meura equipment. Not only famous for its Meura 2001, Meura is today a world leader producing state-of-the-art equipment for any brewhouses, whatever the size and the recipes. From milling to wort cooling, Meura has developed a wide range of brewing equipment. The latest developments are - the Meurabrew, a continuous brewhouse gathering all the Meura equipment working continuously. - the Meurastream, a revolutionary concept enabling to reduce the brewhouse steam consumption by 52%! A pioneer by tradition, Meura has always fostered innovation. Meura Technologies & Services, Meura’s R&D and after sales department, is equipped with a complete 20hl/brew pilot brewery and is the best partner for Meura’s customer, before and after the project! More than just an equipment supplier, the Meura company positions itself as a leading technical and technological partner!

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