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miho Inspektionssysteme GmbH

miho Inspektionssysteme GmbH
Inspection systems for beverage bottling plants

Obervellmarsche Straße 12
34292 Ahnatal

About us

miho is a global, medium-sized company and has been one of the leading providers of inspection technology in the beverage filling industry and return logistics for over 40 years thanks to a series of pioneering innovations: the first sidewall inspection unit with phototransistors, 90° bottle-rotation, the continuous use of maintenance-friendly LEDs – all groundbreaking innovations from miho!

The key framework of our work is the trustworthy and direct communication with our customers. Devoting all our energy to develop optimal solutions every day for both big and small challenges is only possible on the basis of an open and reliable cooperation. This has already continued for the last 40 years and forms the backbone of our optimism. And with all our efforts we want to become even better.
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