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Manufacturer / Supplier

OHLRO Hartschaum GmbH

Manufacturer of EPS packaging for temperature-sensitive and transport sensitive products.


  • Packaging materials and supplies
  • Packaging ancillaries and shipping packaging
  • Advertising and Marketing
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Am Biotop 4
15344 Strausberg

About us

OHLRO Hartschaum GmbH is a family-run company in its second generation. We are your always reliable partner when it comes to transport containers and packaging made of Styropor®. Since 1991, we have not only distinguished ourselves for our good quality. Our comprehensive service is widely known and our extensive advice is provided directly by the management. Today we look after a customer base of over 2500 satisfied customers. We are always demonstrating creativity in the development of special shapes, but also an excellent price-performance ratio in finding the right packaging solution. Incidentally, OHLRO Hartschaum GmbH even has its origins as far back as 1966, when the technically experienced company founder Willi Ohlbrecht was active in VEG Gartenbau Berlin. There he set up a polystyrene production facility when moulded parts were needed for the gardening companies pot support frames, sowing boxes and pekier boxes. Even then, Styrofoam production began in the eastern part of Berlin, which after reunification became the present OHLRO Hartschaum GmbH. Incidentally, the company name was derived from the surnames of the two company founders Willi Ohlbrecht and Volker Rohden. Volker Rohden left the company after a few years, while Willi Ohlbrecht built the business into a successful family enterprise. Today, his children Jens Ohlbrecht and Kathrin Koal run the company.

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