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On the strength of its many years of experience in the beer sector, Gruppo Della Toffola has developed a new division with a dedicated team. Della Toffola can offer complete systems for beer production and beer packaging processes. Della Toffola brewhouses are available in Compact or 3, 4, or 5 vat versions distinguished by their painstaking attention to finishes and details. The latest innovation is represented by its CFK B and OMNIA B ceramic membrane crossflow filters. Based on next-generation technology for breweries of every size, they offer enormous advantages in terms of efficiency, quality results, and minimum operative costs. These filters can be used to both filter the beer and recover product through yeast sediment filtration. In the beverage production technology sector, Della Toffola Group makes an integrated offer of complete and automated high-output systems. These intelligent Della Toffola Group systems managed by integrated PLC and touchscreen feature high degrees of digitalization, internet connection and remote access possibility for the perfect combination of Industry 4.0 with any beverage production technique at all. All the phases of production are covered, thanks to the power held by an integrated, transversal group. From brewhouses to storage and filtration, from pasteurization to premixes and automated process systems, from bottling to labelling. The objective is to offer a complete service that runs from design to engineering to consultancy with technologies that make all the difference in the world in terms of flexibility, sustainability, and innovation, and with solutions for Industry 4.0.

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