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Putoksnis UAB

Family-owned Lithuanian PET preforms and bottles producer in Europe.


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About us

Putoksnis is one of the biggest manufacturers of PET preforms and PET bottles in North Europe with more than 25 years of experience in the PET industry. Company operates a Zero Emission PET preforms and PET bottles production plant in Lithuania. We offer: 25+ years of experience and know-how in both PET preform and PET bottle production; 20+ years of experience in innovation and new product development; 15+ years of know-how in PCR (recycled PET) material application in PET preforms and bottles. Putoksnis is 1st producer, which introduced 100% PCR preforms in Norway, Sweden and Finland. We operate 2.5 billion PET preform and 80 million PET bottle production plant in Europe. We help our clients to achieve great results and add value, by bringing our experience and know-how to our customers continuously.

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