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Skalar - your long-term partner for the automation of analyses in the brewery laboratory


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41812 Erkelenz

About us

SKALAR is your long-term partner for the automation of the analysis in the brewery laboratory. When brewing beer, the desired character of the beer as well as the corresponding aroma are achieved with the help of some important parameters. For this purpose, these parameters must be checked regularly during the brewing process. We offer you solutions for the automation of these important beer parameters with our products, such as:
Alpha amylase, anthocyanogen, beta glucan, bitterness, diacetyl, diastatic power, ethanol, color, FAN, pH, polyphenol, protein, total-red. Sugar and SO2.
Our analysis methods are according to international Standards such as EBC, ASBC, Mebak and others. Skalar is a Dutch company, established in 1965 as a producer of analyzers for the laboratory and process industry. It has since grown into an ISO 9001 certified, international organization with its own subsidiaries and representatives throughout the world. We are daily focused on servicing and providing the best application support to our users. Skalar analyzers are reliably servicing routine laboratories, annually handling sample numbers of a few hundred up to hundreds of thousands. With over 35 years of experience in automating wet chemistry analysis procedures, Skalar has built up a wealth of knowledge, that is widely made available to our customers. In recent years Skalar's own continuing research and development has added many new innovative analyzers to its product range. The new and existing range of Skalar analyzers have proven to be the most reliable and economical choice in today's modern routine laboratory.

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