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VEGA is a world leader in the area of level, switching and pressure measurement.


  • Process automation, control and control systems
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About us

Compact VEGA sensors for optimal brewing processes It only takes a few seconds to pour the perfect beer straight from the tap. Producing beer with the same level of perfection, on the other hand, is a much longer process. Beer is mixed, fermented, matured and stored in compliance with strict hygienic regulations. VEGABAR pressure sensors and VEGAPOINT point level sensors support all these process steps, ensuring the required purity, maximum safety and "tastably" stable quality. Fine-tuned components working together in harmony make it possible. Pressure sensors specially designed for food & beverage Compact VEGABAR pressure sensors offer the right solution for every process step in brewing. From the initial development phase, they were designed for reproducible quality, ideal hygiene and efficiency. All VEGABAR sensors were designed according to the guidelines of the food industry from the very beginning. This has resulted in multiple specialised features, one of which is the highly effective sealing concept. The sensors comply with standards such as FDA, EG 1935/2004, GB standards and GMP. Food compliance pays off VEGAPOINT point level switches can be integrated into the process completely flush and free of dead zones, ensuring flawless and safe point level monitoring. Thanks to their smooth surfaces, neither the medium nor any other substance can stick to the instruments. The high-quality sensor materials, such as stainless steel or PEEK, also contribute to rounding out the hygienic concept. EHEDG and 3A confirm their food conformity. The standard IO-Link protocol ensures simple, universal communication for VEGAPOINT point level and VEGABAR pressure sensors. This means they have a standardized platform for a seamless digital data transfer. The sensors provide a unique feature that allows operators to see all switching states from a distance when walking through the plant: a full-colour 360° illuminated ring clearly visible from all directions.

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