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Wachsmann Brautechnik GmbH

Premium German brand specialized in the production of high-end brewing systems since 1979.


  • Consulting
  • Machinery and installations for beer production
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Bergstraße 10
89134 Blaustein

About us

WACHSMANN® is a premium German brand, a pioneer in the production of high-end turnkey micro-brewing systems, madein Germany. Since 1979 we offer complete solutions and install worldwide custom-made breweries and teach you how tomake the best beer. WACHSMANN® breweries are designed according to the needs and expectations of high-level professionals in the beerindustry as well as to those newcomers who seek to succeed in the craft beer market. They are manufactured with solid andhigh-quality materials that are built to last and renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship, their outstanding reliability, andone of the few with top-notch quality on the market. Unlike mere plant manufacturers, our expertise in the beer-making process and in operating microbreweries is well-foundedand highly appreciated by our clients for decades.
We plan, design, engineer, deliver, and put into operation customised microbreweries with batch capacities from 250 l to4.000 l cast-out of wort. With four different WACHSMANN® brewhouse systems and Yeast Propagators, any company sizecan be implemented. Using state-of-the-art production methods and traditional Bavarian coppersmithing, we realize smallmicrobrewery pubs with an annual output of 250hl up to commercial craft breweries with 40.000hl. Our breweries and the associated components such as tanks and cooling and filling systems meet the latest brewingstandards. Thanks to our knowledge and commitment to select only top-quality suppliers for our components, our brewerieswork for decades guaranteeing the best investment to our clients. WACHSMANN® brewhouses, the heart of the brewery, are mounted on a unique stainless steel frame and undergo extensivetests in the factory. This way fast and punctual installations on-site are guaranteed. Our services include: Creation of recipes, consulting, teaching the high art of beer-making, recruiting brewmasters, high-quality raw materials,branding & design beer labels, etc.

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