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Bell's Brewery: Fully protected! IT security increased, production risks minimized

To make the IT security at Bell's Brewery fit for the future, three highlight requirements were formulated at the beginning of 2020 and implemented in just two weeks.

Beer glass with beer bottles beside it
Production site in KalamazooProduction facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Bell’s Brewery was founded in 1983 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and has been brewing its own beers since 1985. In 2003, Bell’s opened the Comstock brewery a few miles east of Kalamazoo. The company’s beer production was taken to a whole new level in 2012 with the launch of a brand-new 200-barrel brewhouse: Together with the existing 50-barrel brewhouse, it enabled production to grow from 180,000 to half a million barrels per year. The company is now among the top ten largest independent, family-owned craft brewing companies in the country.
Man who walks into brew kettle with long stickProduction of the Craft Beer
During a brewhouse expansion in Comstock in 2012, Bell’s Brewery decided to go with brewmaxx. Bell’s was so impressed with the new control system, that ProLeiT was subsequently commissioned to move the existing older brewhouse, the tank cooling system and the yeast propagation system over to the new control system. A third ‘pilot brewhouse’ (with a capacity of 15 barrels), set up to test new beers, was also implemented by ProLeiT in 2018.
Brewmaxx process picture of the fermentationbrewmaxx – process image of the Fermentation Storage Tank
In order to make IT security at Bell's Brewery fit for the future, three highlight requirements were formulated at the beginning of 2020: Not only the control system and the server and workstation operating systems were updated to new versions, but also the database architecture received a comprehensive update. Together with the IT on site, ProLeiT needed just two weeks to implement the entire project. John Mallett, Vice President of Bell's, draws a correspondingly positive conclusion: When you consider the complex and extensive requirements that the project team had to meet, especially in view of the short time frame, we were very satisfied with how smoothly the changeover to the new software versions, the implementation of the new tools and the transfer of data from the old to the new system worked out. We are now able to guarantee the IT security of our operating systems for years to come and the established brewmaxx process control system has reached a new level of performance with version 9.70, especially regarding the MES functionalities.”
Process picture of the 200 Barrel Brewhousebrewmaxx – process image of the Fermentation Storage Tank
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