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Comprehensive beer analysis made easy

The properties of a beer are influenced by numerous factors. Learn how to monitor them easily, reliably and time-saving.

Portable measuring device (Densito) with hop blossoms, barrel and a glass of beer
Seven Excellence for the determination of e.g. pH value or conductivitySeven excellence for determination of e.g. pH value or conductivity

Beer is an extremely complex drink. More than 800 components that contribute to the taste of beer have been identified. Not only do the ingredients influence, the taste and properties of the beer, but also the brewing process with each individual step such as grinding, mashing, temperature, cleaning, boiling and fermentation, as well as the equipment and handling itself.

METTLER TOLEDO offers you the appropriate instrument for each of these analyses. One of the most important parameters in brewing is the sugar content of the original wort. This dissolved sugar is mainly obtained from malt, but also contains other ingredients and is called "extract". During fermentation, the yeast present in the wort converts the wort extract into new yeast cells, ethanol, CO2 and flavors - the amount of extract decreases steadily over time. To monitor this process, brewers typically measure density, specific gravity (SG) or refractive index over time. The measured value is converted to the sugar content in °Plato (°P) and plotted on a fermentation curve over time to visualize the fermentation process. 1°Plato corresponds to 1 g extract in 100 g wort. 

Simple density measurement with the portable Densito deviceSimple density measurement with the portable Densito device

The METTLER TOLEDO density meters and refractometers can be used to measure wort, extract and alcohol content and provide fast and accurate results. The benchtop meters have a precise Peltier temperature control, so that the beer sample is always measured at the correct temperature. Thanks to the integrated concentration tables, e.g. specific gravity or °Plato can be converted without effort. The portable Densito density meter from METTLER TOLEDO automatically compensates the measured density to 20 °C and also calculates the wort in °Plato. 

Analysis with the UV/VIS spectrophotometerReliable analyses with the UV/VIS spectrophotometer

UV/VIS spectrophotometers can measure a variety of other quality criteria of beer, such as color, taste, bitterness and total carbohydrate. The measurement of the above-mentioned quality criteria according to EBC methods (European Brewery Convention) or ASBC methods (American Society of Brewing Chemist) can be carried out with just one UV/VIS Excellence instrument from METTLER TOLEDO without great effort, efficiently and, if desired, automatically. Accurate and reliable pH measurement of beer is required to preserve the characteristic texture, taste, color and storage stability of each beer type.

InLab Versatile Pro is a flexible sensor suitable for this application and is compatible with both benchtop and portable pH meters from METTLER TOLEDO. The pH sensor is not only user-friendly, low-maintenance and cost-effective, but also provides fast and precise pH results for daily beer analysis. 

Comfortable multiparameter analysisComfortable multiparameter analysis

METTLER TOLEDO offers the possibility of combining the individual instruments, including a sample changer, into a multi-parameter system to determine all desired parameters in just one measuring procedure and with just one keystroke. The measured data is then transferred to METTLER TOLEDO's LabX® software, which calculates, for example, original gravity, apparent extract and alcohol content using MEBAK formulas, density and refractive index. Color and pH value are obtained by direct measurements and displayed as raw values.

After sample analysis, the system is automatically cleaned to prevent cross-contamination. Performing four measurements simultaneously with a multiparameter system instead of four individual instruments increases efficiency and eliminates transmission errors. In addition, simultaneous measurements prevent inconsistencies in results that can occur due to changes in the sample over time, such as loss of ethanol.

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Automatic multiparameter measurement with LabX