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Cost and Time Savings with Serving Beer Tanks

Cleaning & maintaining kegs can be a long and expensive process. Kegging a full tank can take 4 hours to complete and will take a day when you count also the washing time

Kettle with signs indicating which beer is in which kettle
"Employee time means a lot to us, we’re not a big brewery and we don’t have a lot of employees. We essentially only have one person doing all of our cellar work and transferring the beer, so having Serving Beer Tanks of Mueller has allowed us to maximize our time."

Martin De Jongh,
Mad Mole Brewing Owner
Men working on boilers

The Challenge

Cleaning and maintaining kegs can be a long, tedious, and expensive process. Just kegging a full bright tank can take around four hours to complete, and when you factor in the time it takes to wash all of the kegs this becomes a day long process. Handling kegs requires careful safety considerations. Someone has to be able to lift, carry, and store the kegs, which can lead to employee injuries. Mad Mole Brewing owners, Martin De Jong and Ole Pederson, knew this wouldn't be possible for their one cellarman, Neil Blake. Setting up a kegging system at Mad Mole would require another employee, which would be very costly.

Boiler lined from the inside with grey foil

The Solution

Luckily, for De Jong and Pederson kegs aren't the only option for serving beer. Instead Mad Mole Brewing purchased twelve Serving Beer Tanks from the company Mueller. Serving Beer Tanks utilize a self-cooling, bag-in-tank system that can be used directly in the taproom. The unique tank features allow Neil to transfer the carbonated beer straight from a bright beer tank and it is ready to serve in a few hours.
"We push out of these tanks with an air compressor, so that saves a lot of CO2. CO2 is fairly expensive and not best thing to be pushing into the atmosphere." -Ole Pederson, Mad Mole Brewing Owner

Yellow cup in the foreground and in the background kettle with signs to see which beer is in which kettle

The Results

The result is a transferring process that takes a fourth of the time kegging would require. Not to mention the price savings on these beer tanks for sale  compared to purchasing kegs, a cold storage room, and a new cellarman. With Serving Beer Tanks there is no worry about safety. The tanks are stationary and the cleaning process is as simple as removing the bag, spraying the tank, and inserting a new bag. Some of the main advantages to this bag-in-tank system are the cost savings over a cellar setup, less beer handling, and longer shelf life.

"I think it makes a difference in their perception of the beer for them to literally see the taps right there and the line is coming from the tank that they’re sitting in." -Ole Pederson, Mad Mole Brewing Owner

About the manufacturer Mueller

Mueller is specialized in design and building tanks for every brewing process. To make sure your crafted beer will keep the excellent taste and quality Mueller offers also Serving Beer Tanks. 

No matter what beverage you are serving at your taproom, tasting room or venue, the beauty and functionality of Serving Beer Tanks will be a perfect fit.

With dedicated temperature control and air-pressured delivery, Serving Beverage Tanks will boost the shelf life, reduce product loss, and increase productivity while generating revenue for:
•         Beer
•         Wine
•         Seltzers
•         Ready-to-Drink Cocktails
•         Cider
•         Kombucha
•         Cold-Brew Coffee
•         Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Mueller is located in Groenlo, the Netherlands and part of the Paul Mueller company in the USA. https://en.paulmueller.com/commercial-brewing-equipment
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