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Einbecker favors Drink-IT as their brewery-specific solution

Since 2010, Einbecker Brauhaus AG has used an industry solution based on MS Dynamics NAV, which urgently needed to be updated in 2019.

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Picture of the Einbecker BrauhausEinbecker Brauhause AG
Bock beer from Einbeck has been considered something very special since 1378. As "Ainpöckisch beer" - meaning Einbeck beer - it became a sought-after speciality and through the Hanseatic League it conquered all of Europe. Even Martin Luther praised it in front of the Reichstag in Worms: "The best potion known to anyone is called Einbecker Bier". Although the name changed over time from "Ainpock" to "Bockbier", Einbecker is and remains the inventor of Bock beer. Thus the claim to brew something very special has been preserved in Einbeck until today. The Einbeck brewery is located in the heart of this half-timbered town in Lower Saxony with an output of 550,000 hectolitres, a turnover of 31 million euros and more than 130 employees.
But not only the art of brewing with many technical innovations has changed over the centuries. A complex market environment also requires appropriate management solutions. It has always been important to management that solutions are practicable and proportionate. Since 2010, Einbecker Brauhaus AG has used an industry solution based on MS Dynamics NAV, which urgently needed to be updated in 2019.

Pre-Drink-IT problems that needed solving.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV was highly appreciated by the users, so the Einbecker Brauhaus was looking for a solution that was again based on NAV, now called Business Central. This was not only to replace the old environment, with all the required functionalities of the beverage industry and supplementary applications, such as the connection of a document archiving system or an interface to an external production and scanning application. On top of that, the aim was to optimise financial management and reporting. Furthermore, areas such as contract management were to be integrated with topics such as loans and permanent loans.
Picture of the bottling of the beer type Brauherren-PilsProduction of Einbecker beer

The transformation with Drink-IT
In a joint workshop with users and management, NORRIQ was able to convince with the Drink-IT solution. The brewery therefore decided in favour of Drink-IT in February 2019. Nine months later, in November 2019, the system change was completed. In a cooperative partnership and in close coordination, the rollout was implemented within the estimated investment budget.

Be it sales, purchasing, financial and asset accounting, beer tax, electronic payment transactions including association regulation, advance telephone sales, refunds, deposit management, fixed asset management, price conditions, contract management - Drink-IT covers all functions important to the industry. Not only for medium-sized breweries like Einbecker, but also for other smaller companies. Further seamless connections to industry solutions such as cost and performance accounting, document archiving or an established EDI data traffic solution complete the picture.

Picture of the Einbeck beer cellarBeer Cellar of Einbecker Brauhause AG
Mr. Martin Deutsch, CEO of Einbecker Brauhaus AG, comes from Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich. After completing a brewery apprenticeship and studying brewing and business administration, he knows what is important for an ERP system in a brewery: "In particular the brewery-specific requirements, such as the complete documentation of beer tax, the correct handling of deposits and the administration and processing of gastronomy loans and borrowings have been implemented to our complete satisfaction".