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Craft brewers are often faced with the difficult question of whether to offer their beers in glass bottles or cans.

The Craftmate G is the compact glass filler for the low output range.
The Barifill Canto fills both glass bottles and cans.The Barifill Canto handels both: glass bottles and cans  


This decision has so far particularly influenced the selection of the filling machine. For the first time, the Krones Group presents a multipurpose filler that handles both glass bottles and cans – the Barifill Canto. Our Italian subsidiary Kosme is responsible for its development, construction, and installation. The heart of the Barifill Canto is an innovative filling valve. Kosme has taken the best features of existing Modulfill series filling systems and combined them into a single valve. The valve is equipped with a level probe for filling glass bottles and a volumetric system with an inductive flow meter for cans. The combination of the two systems in a single filling valve makes for enormous time savings when switching between container types. The new valve can be automatically adjusted to a new fill level or volume when switching between cans and bottles or different container sizes. As an option, a rinser that likewise accommodates both cans and bottles and various container sizes without any manual adjustments can be integrated directly downstream of the infeed into the Barifill Canto.

Alongside the Barifill Canto, Kosme is presenting another innovation: a can filling system with a performance range from 3,000 to 15,000 cans per hour. It’s the perfect machine for craft brewers who are either just getting into the market or produce an especially wide variety of beers as well as for vintners and wine bottlers who process only small batches.
The Craftmate G is the compact glass filler for the low output range.The Craftmate G is a compact glass filler suited for small and mid-tier breweries


The Craftmate G is the latest addition to Krones’ family of fillers: its non-identical twin is the Craftmate C, the small can filler that’s proved highly successful on the market since 2015. The Craftmate G handles glass bottles. In technological terms, it resembles its big siblings in the Modulfill series: for instance, like the field-proven HRS system, it features a vent tube. It can be combined with up to two closers for crowns, screw-caps or aluminium roll-on closures. This provides brewers with the flexibility they need to handle not only beer, but CSDs as well. 

Phoebus - the Krones solution for cross-flow membrane filtration in beer productionPhoebus - Krones solution for cross-flow membrane filtration in beer production
But also in terms of process technology, Krones has not been idle. With its Membrane filtration Phoebus Krones offers the latest generation of cross-flow technology. Steinecker Phoebus is a membrane filter developed on the basis of the Hydronomic UF (ultrafiltration) water treatment system. It integrates familiar mechanical design elements from the Hydronomic UF system that have not yet been used for filtering beer. 
Instead of being connected in parallel, as is customary on the market, the membrane modules on the Phoebus are connected in series. As a result, the cross-flow required for filtration can be generated with considerably lower pump output, which not only saves electrical energy but also makes it possible to use smaller-diameter pipes and fittings. Shut-off valves between the membrane modules allow the flow direction to be reversed – an advantage that is reflected in a longer filter service life. Targeted backflushing of the individual membrane modules increases the effectiveness of cleaning and significantly reduces consumption of cleaning agents and water. The membrane modules can be inspected for damage before filtration begins. If a module is found to be defective, it can be automatically excluded from the series and thus by-passed. The defective membrane can be exchanged at a later time. Ease of use, extremely low beer waste, and the complete elimination of filtration medium make the Phoebus the perfect solution for breweries seeking an alternative to traditional kieselguhr filtration.
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