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Beverage Packaging: global trends

No other topic is keeping beverage producers and their packaging as busy as sustainability.

Display of a globe showing some marketing materials Global trends, source: WPO
portrait luciana pellegrinoLuciana Pellegrino, Vice President for Marketing der World Packaging Organization (WPO) und Executive Director of Brazilian Packaging Association (Foto: WPO)

Luciana Pellegrino, Vice President for Marketing of the World Packaging Organization (WPO) and Executive Director of Brazilian Packaging Association, is certain of this. In her presentation during the Launch Days of on 11 November 2020, she describes which trends in beverage packaging can also be observed and how innovative the industry currently is. And she ventures an outlook on what impact the Corona crisis will have on packaging.

The focus is on customer benefit

The basis for Pellegrino's remarks are trends that she derives from the winning products of the Worldstar Awards 2020. The Worldstar Award is presented annually by the WPO, the international association of national packaging institutes and associations. In 2020, 321 products from 36 countries were submitted in 13 categories (one of which is "beverage packaging“). 

With a view to the World Star Winners in the beverage packaging category, Pellegrino states: "The beverage industry is extremely customer-oriented. On the one hand, it attaches great importance to safety, quality and efficiency in the value chain. On the other hand, it also wants to offer its customers added value with beverage packaging. The trend towards sustainable packaging in particular stands out, characterised by durability, dematerialisation, reusability or recyclability." 

Today, packaging is much more than the mere protection of the product and the possibility of transport and storage. The effect of packaging as an advertising medium and communication tool is used by marketing experts to persuade customers to buy at the point of sale and to build a relationship with the brand. In doing so, packaging targets different added values of the buyers such as appearance, convenience, environmental awareness or functionality.

16 Trends in beverage packaging from a marketing perspective

Modern design with simple graphic elements
Lighter bottles and closures
Special effects (e.g. through new digital-based printing technologies)
Resellable and reusable packaging
E-commerce ready design 
Shelf-ready packaging
Compostable barrier materials (especially for coffee capsules and secondary packaging)
Recycled material as part of a recyclable pack/closure
Unusual shapes and textures of packaging
Packaging that has a connection to real life (e.g. Celebrate nature!)
Combination package + cup = convenience
Uniform packaging solutions
Gift packaging
Alternative inks like rice inks
Reusable bottles


Impact of the Corona crisis

Pellegrino emphasises that the packaging trends mentioned refer to the time before Covid-19. During the pandemic, many things changed. People around the world spent more time at home and consumed differently, e.g. they did not drink coffee to go on the street, but perhaps mixed a caipirinha according to an individual recipe in their living room. Internet shopping has increased dramatically and shopping behaviour will probably never be the same as it was before Corona.

The motto is now: "The store goes to the consumers! - not the other way round". For packaging developers and marketing experts, this means that packaging must also perform well in the online shop. And Pellegrino also advises looking into the minds of customers, as they have become more emotional and sensitive during the pandemic. They attach more importance to health, safety, hygiene, price, but also sustainability and inspiration. This must be taken into account in future packaging developments.


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