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Hops and Malt are not wasted here - Separator in the brewing process

With the Flottweg Separator you can make your brewing process more efficient and conserve your resources.

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The all-rounder in the brewery

The requirements for the design of brewing processes are certainly as individual as the breweries themselves, with their different sizes and threir respective product portfolio. Consistently high product quality, economically optimised manufacturing processes, production reliability and procedural optimisation of existing or new processes, are just as decisive for the selection of techniques and technologies as is flexibility and a high degree of user-friendliness. The following article shows the role the separator has played, especially in recent years.


Everything you always wanted to know about separators in the brewing industry:

  • Separator Operation
  • Factors influencing separator performance
  • Getting more out of your raw materials

The Flottweg separator in various sections of the brewery:

  • Hottrub separator
  • Beer clarification before filtration
  • Stopped fermentation
  • Turbidity Adjustment for naturally cloudy beers
  • Beer clarification
  • Diatomite-free beer filtration
  • Beer recovery from tank-bottom yeast
  • Cider production

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