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GEA taking CARE with your brewery during COVID

We CARE about our customers and continue to go the extra mile, as we have done for over 145 years, to support you with customized brewing solutions.

Brew kettle in the background
Man and woman talking in front of brew kettlesbreWEry CARE
Of course, we have always cared about our customers.  For 145 years we have stood by them helping them to meet industry demands and respond quickly to every change and opportunity that has come along. But now, somehow, it seems different. Now CARE is not something that’s nice to have – it’s essential.  
It’s at times like this that we all need to work together.  As the COVID-19 crisis impacts on all our businesses, it will be teamwork, matched with a truly caring attitude towards others, that will get us through.  That’s why, at GEA, we have launched our new support program for breweries: BREWERY  CARE.
BREWERY CARE stands for Cost efficiency – Adjusting to flexible demands – GEA Remote Services – and Engagement. For us, it’s not just a convenient acronym, it’s a key value that underlines what we do and how we do it.
Brew kettle in the backgroundC - Cost efficiency
Cost Efficiency
Wasted energy, product losses and unused plant can all add up to affect overall plant efficiency. By helping you choose the right equipment, control technology, back-up services and training, GEA can reduce these losses to save money and boost efficiency.  Improvements in milling, mashing, lautering, wort boiling, fermentation and maturation can combine to make a real difference to the bottom line.  Efficiency can also be improved with management software for every aspect of the brewing process and by building in automation to improve productivity and reduce the potential for human error.  With the latest cleaning systems brewhouses can be cleaned quicker, more effectively and use less water and less chemicals. It all boils down to up to 14 brews a day, Overall Brewhouse Yield (OBY) of up to 98.5%, and up to 98% plant availability.
2 glasses filled with water, ice cubes and limeA - Adjusting to flexible market demands 
Adjusting to the demands of the market
Markets are always changing, but during these difficult trading conditions its even more important than ever not to miss an opportunity. To ensure that you never miss a trick, we can give you the flexibility you need to diversify your production as market demands flex. Branching out into Hard Seltzer, dealcoholisation, natural sugar drinks for example; or Dry Hopping without the associated high level of beer losses.  How about trying beer mixes, fruit juices or soft drinks in batch or continuous production; or adding wheat beer, cider or spirits to your range of products.  Everything is possible with a little GEA know-how.
We need to consider the environment of course too. But sustainability need not be costly.  Quite the reverse.  By saving resources and making the best use of what you already have, we can help you towards a greener future, without it costing you the Earth.
Man tightening a screwR - GEA Remote Services
GEA Remote Support
There are times when you might just need a little guidance to get things up and running again quickly.  That’s where GEA Remote Support comes in to give you instant access to our experts, by video, without any specialist software needed. You can access remote support on any device and, using our specially-designed glasses, which include an integrated high-resolution camera and microphone, you can work hands free under the expert supervision of our field service personnel. 


5 men standing in front of a pipe guide systemE - Engage with GEA
Engage with GEA
It’s really just about working together, engaging, to achieve something better, maybe something different.  So, whether you are looking to expand your business by reducing costs, increasing production of much-loved staple products or by becoming a little more creative, we are here to help you.  Now here’s the trick … we’ve done it before.  At GEA we have been helping brewers develop fabulous products and bring them to market profitably for decades.  We can do it for you too. 
So, as the COVID crisis begins to take hold again in Europe, look towards the opportunities, not the problems. And, when you need someone to talk to, talk to GEA.  We really do CARE.