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Increase profitability, eco-awareness and branding for your craft brewery

Increase profitability, eco-awareness and branding for your craft brewery. Ecodraft kegs help breweries in their further growth with a new green concept of reusable kegs.

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Why using One-Way kegs locally?
Breweries are using one-ways because the idea was simple: no returning transport during export overseas. But nowadays, breweries like the idea of a pay-per-fill model, without investing in a bigger keg pool of stainless steels. However, Ecodraft has made it possible to choose for a pay-per-fill model by which breweries can rent the kegs for free and have the same advantages as for one-ways:

1. No investment in kegs
With Ecodraft, you can choose to only pay-per-fill by which you rent the kegs for free, against a certain number of fills. You can even switch and purchase the kegs at any time you want and benefit from our lowest price per fill.

2. No maintenance costs
Maintenance costs can be quite expensive with stainless steel kegs and mostly a non-calculated aspect during purchase. Changing a dip tube, coupler head or dent removal is time-consuming and must be considered into the yearly budget, on top of the steel keg price.

With Ecodraft, you have a 10Y warranty by which breweries don’t have to worry about maintenance costs anymore.

3. Less weight
One-Ways are significantly lighter than stainless steel kegs by which they are easier to carry.

Ecodraft adds 2 kg more weight to these one-way kegs, which results in a more robust keg with 15 bar pressure hold, GF reinforced inner keg and filtered dip tube. Ecodraft keg design is developed for easy stacking and carrying, with top-bottom or upside-down filling.

The weight of the spear is approx. 0,300 kg (30L).

4. No expensive shipping costs
Is a returning transport a real cost-saver when you are using one-way kegs only locally? Not quite! Ecodraft spears can be shipped out with 504 fills on 1 pallet, meaning that you will save approx. 9 pallets on transport costs during delivery. A huge cost saver!

And what about export? Ecodraft is building a community of breweries (global pool) that want to exchange kegs (one-way transportation). This can be between breweries and/or distributors. 

A quick view on the Keg Waste Hierarchy
The Waste Hierarchy gives breweries three main points to focus on when changing their mindset from a recyclable mentality to a more reusable setting: Prevent – Reduce – Reuse.

Ecodraft helps breweries in saving their water resources and preventing bad chemicals in their production process. Moreover, we are working on a global pool system to solve the returning transport during export as well.
While our kegs are reusable for up to 10 years, we can say that the waste has been dropped to only 5% by which we are further developing it towards 0% waste.

Hobsons Brewery wins “Best Water Efficiency” award
Organized by the Blue Marches Business Awards, Hobsons Brewery wins the recognition of best water efficient brewery 2020.
Hobsons Brewery: “We can say Ecodraft undoubtedly contributes to our water reduction and efficiency in our water usage”

Your beer as you intended it to be, without waste for your customer!
“The beverage market has grown tremendously thanks to the craft brewing industry. End-consumers are experiencing many different flavors by which they are pickier on what they drink. Fresh taste stays priority when choosing a drink on tap”, says CEO Peter Lambrechts.

Nowadays, many factors can influence the taste of your beer on tap. For instance:

Has it been stored in good temperature?
 Were the tubes clean at the bar?
How much CO2 was used during tapping?
How many days was the keg connected on tap?

Ecodraft makes sure that you do not have to worry about shelf life on tap due to keg reasons. Thanks to our double bag technology, we separate the CO2 completely on tap, with a 4 months preservation once it has been connected and a shelf life of 1 year in keg. With 100% food grade fillings, without rinsing operations, you can be sure that no remaining bacteria has entered the keg during the filling process.