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More visibility in the process

Pressure and level sensors cannot be compared 1 to 1. This white paper identifies the most important criteria for reliability and efficiency.

VEGA’s sensor portfolio delivers maximum process reliability and plant availability. With its new compact series of VEGABAR pressure sensors and VEGAPOINT level switches, the measurement specialist is becoming a full-range supplier for standard and hygienic applications. They address the latest industry demands: more modularity and higher availability. These new compact instrument series are the answer to the growing need for simple sensors with reduced diversity that support ever more efficient production. This requires more standardised products that are as easy to use as possible, but still cover all the basic requirements. It also calls for better networked products with simple connections to existing control systems and mobile devices. To meet both demands, VEGA now operates according to the motto: “As efficient as possible – but without compromising on quality.” The result is: “As much as necessary – for optimal results.”

A uniform standard extends throughout all areas of application. This applies in particular to the completely hygienic process fitting adapter system that can be used for the new VEGABAR pressure sensors and the VEGAPOINT capacitive level switches. It can not only be configured according to user specifications, but also adapted to local requirements.

Good visibility means safety and security. This also applies to switching state and process status, because sensors are often used in widely spread out areas or in tight spaces partly hidden from view. To ensure that the user would be able to discern the status at a glance, close up as well as from far away and from any direction, the design and development of the new sensors focused on two things: simple handling and fast, easy readability. Thanks to the large status display, the switching states can be easily recognised from any direction. The illuminated ring remains clearly visible even in daylight, not only due to its brightness, but because there are a choice of 256 custom colours to select. This allows the user to choose the colour that is best visible in the local environment and that provides maximum certainty and easy recognition. The display shows immediately if the measuring process is running, if the sensor is switching, or if there is a possible malfunction in the process.

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, not all hygienic applications are extreme. They don’t all need complex, costly solutions; in many areas, all that’s needed is a simple solution that optimizes and increases efficiency. The new compact sensors were conceived and fabricated according to hygienic design principles and conform to industry standards such as FDA, EC 1935/2004, GB Standard and GMP.

VEGA offers different electronics versions: You can choose between the classic continuous two-wire and three-wire versions or a three-wire sensor with digital IO-Link. When making maintenance decisions, plant operators rely on status data, which forms the basis for optimal planning of shutdown times. Almost all plant builders now deploy intelligent sensors with IO-Link technology, as these offer universal advantages in terms of data availability. Not only can these sensors be installed quickly and inexpensively using a standard three-wire cable, IO-Link also makes it particularly easy to exchange them without errors. This enables a production system to be returned to operation faster using this standard protocol, reducing downtime considerably. When exchanging a sensor, the option of having all sensor parameters automatically written into the new device by the IO-Link master or the controller creates additional efficiency.

With the option of wireless communication with VEGA sensors using a mobile device, hard-to-reach locations can be “circumvented” even more often in the future. Utilising the VEGA Tools app, sensor data retrieval over shorter distances becomes particularly convenient in these areas.