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New dimensions in filling and control with GEMÜ servoDrive

Valves with servo actuator are the perfect choice for accurate control or fast, precise filling in hygienic and aseptic systems used in the food and beverage industries.

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By combining GEMÜ PD valves with the motorized linear actuator with servo technology, the valve specialist GEMÜ is opening up a whole new dimension of accuracy and speed to its customers. Thanks to freely programmable control and filling curves, it is possible to make individual adaptations to customer-specific requirements, such as changing containers or different fill volumes. 
Product ServoDriveGEMÜ 567 servoDrive & GEMÜ F60 servoDrive
As customer requirements become increasingly complex, the requirement for the maximum possible system flexibility often conflicts with the desire for the lowest possible conversion and maintenance requirements. For this reason, GEMÜ has brought an innovative valve platform to the market. It is based on the GEMÜ PD design that won the "ACHEMA Innovation Award". The new sealing concept comprises a highly resistant plug diaphragm (PD) made of modified PTFE (TFMTM). This enables hermetic separation of the actuator parts and the product area, a very high number of switching cycles and extremely precise dosing. Simultaneously, the patented cartridge spare parts system makes maintenance quick and easy, eliminating long downtimes. The valves are FDA- and USP Class IV-compliant and meet the requirements of "Hygienic Design" and the Food Contact Materials Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004. 
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In the past, pneumatically operated diaphragm valves and peristaltic or piston pumps were used for hygienic and aseptic filling and control processes. But now we can think in terms of a whole new dimension of accuracy and speed. 
DiagramThe body and sealing geometry ensure precise control and optimal cleanability
GEMÜ F60 servoDrive filling valve and GEMÜ 567 servoDrive control valve
The GEMÜ F60 servoDrive filling valve and the GEMÜ 567 servoDrive control valve have a motorized servo actuator made entirely from stainless steel. This makes it significantly easier to adjust or rearrange the filling system when changing the medium or filling container. By precisely following freely programmable filling and control curves, it is possible to implement optimal quantity control and filling speed for each medium and filling container. The servo actuator is particularly impressive thanks to its high positioning accuracy of ± 10 µm and a traverse speed of up to 200 mm/s. A controller can be used to connect the valves directly to the software-supported central machine control system for the machine. The GEMÜ F60 servoDrive filling valve is, for example, particularly suited for use in linear or circular fillers. As the GEMÜ F60 servoDrive filling valve and the GEMÜ 567 servoDrive control valve generate no exhaust air, they can even be used in cleanrooms or insulators. 

The new valves with servo actuators allow hygienic and aseptic filling and control for virtually all processes in the foodstuff and beverage industries, as well as in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
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