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HOBART GmbH is the global market leader for commercial dishwasher and warewash systems.


  • Cleaning equipment
  • Catering equipment and accessories
  • Machinery and installations for water treatment
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Robert-Bosch-Straße 17
77656 Offenburg

About us

WORK SMART, NOT HARD! With our reliable, innovative and high quality dishwashers "made in Germany" you achieve TOTAL PERFORMANCE INYOUR KITCHEN. As a leading innovator in commercial warewashing technology, we always find solutions that reduce the consumption of yourresources continuously, thus protecting the environment. HOBART develops, manufactures and distributes machines and equipment in the fields of warewashing and cleaningtechnology, cooking and food preparation as well as environmental technology. Furthermore HOBART offers specific solutions around warewashing: including a in-house developed hygiene line, perfectlyadapted to all HOBART dishwashers, as well as water purification and water softening appliances. Every industry has its own unique requirements concerning warewashing. With a great deal of commitment and innovation,we deliver a customised solution for every market. At HOBART, we take pride in providing reliable, high quality kitchen equipment that has been engineered and tested toensure that whatever challenges the days bring - you can make it happen with HOBART: High performance in your kitchen.

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