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About us

Generally speaking, “Sampling” is quite an easy concept to grasp. You extract a small portion to represent the whole, thus you have a representative sample. Simple, short and easy. This is probably why no one cares to give it too much attention: it’s not rocket science. Well, actually it is. 40 years ago, there was a gentleman going about in Denmark trying to come up with a solution to a problem he discovered. Kai Ottung was his name. He had discovered that more often than not there were major issues with samples taken in breweries. Back then brew masters were, like today, proud people taking much joy in their work and doing it with much devotion. This was the same for Kai Ottung who himself was an engineer, brew master and lifelong inventor. He worked in breweries and saw firsthand how samples far too often came out bad. A negative result from a bad sample led to asking, if something is in fact wrong with the production or is it just the sample. So, what do you do? Discard your whole production leading to a waste of money and resources or do you gamble with your sample? Kai Ottung thought it was time to revolutionize the whole industry by introducing a trustworthy valve that could give reliable samples all the time. 40 years ago, he introduced the world’s first inline sterilizable sampling valve. This valve could be cleaned between samples during production and could therefore provide reliable representative samples whenever needed. We have kept improving this wonder-valve the past 40 years, but the basics in Kai Ottung’s invention is the same. Keofitt was created from Kai Ottung’s eagerness to change a world for the better. Today we are true to his spirit and work with his philosophy in mind. We do nothing but sampling. We do nothing but improving sampling everywhere we can. This was the base 40 years ago, and that has not changed. Our extensive focus on this one particular area alone makes us the one and only true specialist in this field.

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