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  • 03.1 Cleaning and inspection systems for kegs, barrels and other beverage containers
  • 06.1 Analysis
  • 06.2 Cleaning equipment
  • 09.1 Catering equipment and accessories
  • 09.2 Dispensing systems and vending machines
  • 10.1 Consulting
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Industriestraße 12
91593 Burgbernheim

About us

Niebling offers its customers and wholesalers from the brewery, beverage, food and packaging industries an extensive range of brushing and cleaning systems certified in accordance with international food directives. The products meet all requirements of IFS (International Featured Standard), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) as well as Directives 1935/2004/EG and RL2002/72/EG. In addition, only raw materials that meet the requirements of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are used. The cleaning brushes and systems offered are mainly made of polypropylene and polyester. These materials have a very high heat resistance and are disinfectable and autoclavable. The product range ranges from food-safe brushes, brooms, scrubbers, spatulas, scrapers and buckets to water sliders, cleaning pads, brushes and much more. In addition to industrial hygiene in the food processing industry, residues from the production process are constantly coming to the fore. Niebling’s Detect product range protects consumers, customers and ultimately your company’s reputation in the public eye. In addition to a large selection of detectable cleaning equipment, we offer the whole range in terms of personal occupational safety, health and operational tools. The entire range is available in up to 11 colours as well as five different trimming hardnesses for all individual applications. Our entire product range is characterized by a high use value, tested quality and special longevity.

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