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Department of Brewing and Beverage Technology at the Berlin University of Technology


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About us

The Chair of Brewing Science deals with a broad spectrum of research topics. The main research areas include raw material, malting and brewery-specific topics as well as environmental and biotechnological aspects: • Optimization of the bitter acid yield during beer production • Hop ingredients and their influence on the aroma profile • Flavour stability: New improved EPR method for the determination of the antioxidative potential of beer • Flavour stability: Influence of amino acids • Flavour stability: Flavour-active aldehydes during beer aging and factors influencing their formation • Mechanisms of dicarbonyl formation during wort and beer production • Development of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages based on beer wort (e.g. protein beer (JoyBräu GmbH), Ginger Beer (Ände GmbH), ...) • New approaches to malting technology • Saltwater treatment for brewing water recovery by means of freezing processes • Evaluation of new compound masses with regard to oxygen migration and flavour stability of beer • Optimization of roasting processes in malt and coffee production • Development of a gastroroaster with adjustable oxygen content in the roasting atmosphere and an interactive assistance system for user guidance • Crossflow filtration of beer and tank bottom yeast and their optimization • Development of new filter aids and optimization of beer and beverage filtration using adapted pilot plants for precoat and membrane filtration In addition to the comprehensive research topics, the Chair of Brewing Science is also responsible for the student training within the 3 study programmes B.Eng. Brauwesen, B.Sc. Brauerei- und Getränketechnologie and M.Sc. Brauerei- und Getränketechnologie. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to complete a 3-year training as a brewer and maltster at the Chair of Brewing Science.

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