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Tecno Project Industriale S.r.l.

Tecno Project Industriale produces CO2 recovery, production and extraction plants.


  • Machinery and installations for beer production
  • Machinery and installations for the production of nonalcoholic beverages and liquid dairy products
  • Heat exchangers and heat treatment systems
  • Analysis
  • Process and auxiliary materials
  • Energy management
  • Installations for compressed air and gases
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Via Enrico Fermi 40
24035 Curno

About us

Tecno Project Industriale is an Italian company which provides solutions for the Industrial Gas Markets - from the Beverage Industry to any other Gas Application.
In the past 30 years, TPI has been the leader in many of the improvements to the existing technology that have now become the standards in the CO2 industry. These developments, together with TPI's dedication to continuous improvement, ensure each application is applied with the latest technology. TPI’s plants incorporate innovative solutions which meet and often exceed industry requirements for the treatment and purification of CO2, Biogas, Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Nitrous Oxide and any other primary gas used in modern day industries.
Since 2011, Tecno Project Industriale has offered a comprehensive range of systems to cover each stage of the Biogas treatment process: Biogas Upgrading plants with membrane or selective solvents and a complete range of accessories precisely designed to cover the end user’s needs.
In 2013 Pentatec became the Gas Analysis Division of Tecno Project Industriale for the supply of gas analysis instruments and systems for quality control of gases in the Beverage and Industrial Gas industries.
In 2014 Tecno Project Industriale became part of the SIAD Group which further enhanced its total capability for producing world-class, tailor made solutions in the Industrial Gas Markets.

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