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  • Machinery and installations for the production and processing of malt and raw fruit
  • Machinery and installations for beer production
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Sovietskych Hrdinov 460/114
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About us

The company PSS Svidnik, a.s. was established in 1972 and its main focus is placed on manufacturing and sales of breweries. In these spheres company offers to its customers complex services providing consultation, advices, finding and projecting solutions as well as their implementation. The devices are produced in the spirit of quality and reliability insisting on perfect design of technical components while securing the highest performance and timeless design. The company offers a wide range of products that increases the value of customer investment and guarantees him long-time, trouble-free operations. Many breweries of different variations and sizes are successfully operated in five continents of the world. Professional approach to customers’ requirements and issues as well as attention to detail helped us to find the right solution for every entity interested in a complex technological equipment for beer production or expansion of an existing brewery.
We have placed more than 130 breweries in 26 countries of the world so far. Furthest west in USA – California, furthest east in Australia – Cameron Park, furthest north in Russia – Pleseck, furthest south in Tasmania – Moorilla. Each brewing unit is unique in its own way and optimally designed with the technical solution of the required beer brewing technology in accordance with ideas of the customer respecting all hygienic and safety regulations as well as standards at the country of destination. Installation of the equipment at the customer’s site includes commissioning based on beer wort test brew followed by inoculation in the fermentation tank; and training of staff for smooth operation of the brewing unit to be handed over. We are perfectly familiar with technological requirements of beer brewing, and so we can provide our customers with reliable equipment that will enable them to obtain a quality end product – beer with top quality body and full flavor.

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