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  • Machinery and installations for water treatment
  • Filtration and separation technology
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About us

Well dosed is half brewed. sera stands for innovation, reliability and flexibility and has been one of the worldwide leading German companies in the field of dosing technology since the company was founded in 1945. sera provides efficient application solutions that are optimally adapted to the customer requirements where the exact dosing and delivery of liquids is important. Wherever food is handled, the workplace must be cleaned and kept clean. This is especially true for the brewing of beer. After all, producing a tasty beer requires not only sophisticated brewing processes, but also measures for disinfecting and cleaning the industrial production facilities as well as the treatment of all waters required for the brewing process. For exactly this purpose, sera pumps and dosing systems have been reliable important components in a large number of breweries and production plants worldwide for decades. The extensive product range includes dosing and feeding pumps, standardised dosing systems as well as individual customised system and plant solutions for: - Disinfection / Cleaning in Place - Brewing water treatment - Beer filtration (kieselguhr) - Brewing water hardening - Waste water treatment - Biofilm removal in pipelines - Process water disinfection - Dosing of enzymes and additives - Dosage of belt lubricants

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